Thursday, August 9, 2007

Y'all come now!

We try to have a party at the farm each year, an end-of-the-summer barbeque to touch base with all of our friends and neighbors. Last year, somehow, the party slipped away from us, which is why the 'annual' in the invitations is in quotes. But this year we will barbeque!

I wrote an email yesterday to a high school friend who now lives in the area, asking for her address so that I could send an invitation. She wrote back, "yay! a party with a real invitation!"-- that's the way I feel. I love getting mail, and I know everyone else does, too, even if an evite would be easier. (Well, almost everyone else loves real mail. My brother, when he heard that I would be sending an invitation, emailed, "... and by invite, I hope you mean evite - the internet is the wave of the future... get on it." Mostly a joke, T, I know!)

For this invitation I used my Gocco-- so nice just to print, print, print away! I hadn't used the machine in awhile, and I forgot to replace the batteries before burning the screen, so the vertical edges of the image were a little faded. I filled them in with a close-but-not-quite-matching thin Sharpie marker, which I think gives the whole invitation a more arty look when viewed in person. Ditto the Sharpies on filling in the lettering.

And now a nice big stack of grey envelopes is off to the post office-- so satisfying.

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