Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fruits and veggies

Contents of this week's CSA haul: Corn, eggplant, bell pepper, zukes, two kinds of early apples, blue potatoes, peaches, nectarines, basil, beefsteak tomatoes, garlic and half a dozen eggs. Whew! I love summer.

For a while there in the spring, it seemed like all we were getting was potatoes and tomatillos. So on Monday I finally did something with the mountain of tomatillos in the fridge: salsa verde! Although I feel a little cheated-- all that work to can only three half-pints.

But all the seals popped closed, which is a first for me, so I'm happy. Yum. Any ideas for the rest of the bounty? I'm always looking for new veggie ideas. Last week we did summer corn salad, tomatoes and basil, and apple pie. This week maybe zucchini bread?

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