Monday, March 28, 2011

Our dryer is out

I want to remember this day. When Henry is the perfect height to rest his chin on the railing of SuSu's laundry porch. And I can hear his thudding toddler footsteps and squeals of joy as she chases him from room to room upstairs. And George smiles up at me after eating, sly, ducking his chin. And we're all bathed in the gloaming, slanting through the windows. It was a good day, despite the broken dryer that brought us here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

More little things

Like little fingers and toes to nibble. Little smiles and the light in little eyes. Little George here was born on Thanksgiving day, 2010. And we are so thankful to add this new warm and wonderful soul to our family. Below is a photo from Henry's first opportunity to "play" with his baby brother. He's been very sweet and generous with the kisses, engrossed by the tiny hands and feet, quick to name and touch gently all of BG's ("Baby George") features. And only a little jealous-- mostly of the baby's ability to take up real estate on Mama's lap. George seems to love his big brother, too, always watching his comings and goings.

Two baby children has been a challenge, definitely, but my heart is so full of love for these little boys.

Little things

Two-year-old Henry is obsessed with little things. The smaller the better. When we are out in the world he fills his pockets with tiny pinecones and pebbles, seeds and buds. His favorite foods are small ones, raisins and beans that can be manipulated as they are eaten. Many of the favorite toys are tiny, too. A recent exchange at the doctor's office:

The doctor had given him a token to put in the machine for a prize, and he chose a bouncy ball. (Never mind that the doctor shouldn't have given him the token at all, since he's not yet three and has a tendency to put tiny things in his mouth...) Out popped a red ball colored like a basketball. So excited! He threw it and threw it while I was checking out, eventually throwing it somewhere he couldn't follow it: into the office of another doctor, who was on a phone call. I dragged him away from the doctor's office door, and the "mean" nurse (another whole story there) gave him one of the plastic frogs that are approved for the under-threes.
H: Want boun-see ball.
Me: We have balls at home, Hon.
H: Want red boun-see ball.
Me: We'll get a ball at home, Sweet Sweet.
H: (More plaintive) Want red boun-see ball wif stripes (repeat ad finitum).
Me: Let's just get to the car.

"Tiny" and "little" are major parts of his vocabulary, and when he doesn't get the small object that he wants, he just adds more adjectives. Today:
H: Herry want ring.
Me: No, Honey, why don't we play with the cars?
H: Nooo. Herry want gold ring.
Me: No...
H: Herry want tiny gold ring.

I guess the want-ys and "no"s go with the territory in two-year-olds. But how I love my little boy and his love of little things. Here's a photo to show you the rest of the winning outfit that he was wearing the day that I took the photo above.
Back soon, I hope.