Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I-8, Pete's Paintbox

My mother is an excellent quilter and applique-er and general needle artist. When my cousin Meredith was born, she drafted and made a Beatrix Potter quilt that included all of the characters, wrought with tiny blind stitches. She has made numerous bed-sized quilts, and each year for Christmas she makes an original ornament for me and one for my husband and each of my brothers-- many of these are quilted also.
I am very interested in quilting. I know the basics of planning and executing a quilt, and my mother even taught me several things about applique and reverse applique and binding, etc. I love the idea of making something that will keep someone warm while also being beautiful. However, I have a lot to learn-- and I'm reluctant to ask for help. I taught myself to knit from books, and I like the rhythm of trial and error.
So, inspired by these folks (and especially swim notes), I have begun a Dear Jane quilt for practice. I love the idea of a sampler quilt, and the inspiration quilt is just magnificent. So far I've only done pretty straightforward blocks (no applique yet, although it will come!), but I have to say, these are like popcorn. Especially the ones that are foundation-piece-able (I'm not sure if some people consider this 'cheating')-- so satisfying, and a great and relaxing way to end the day.
This block is I-8, Pete's Paintbox. I cut off a couple of corners slightly (no excuse for this with paper-piecing, I know), but I still love it. I like quilt blocks a little 'off' and homemade-looking--otherwise I could just buy a quilt from Garnet Hill or something, right?

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