Friday, August 17, 2007

Monkey wrench and a slice of cake

Here's a new card concept I'm working on. Tiny quilt blocks in a cutout. I really like this monkey wrench block card, even though I need to work on making it a little less lumpy where the block lies under the front of the card. The middle of every one of these is a little less than perfect, but again, that fits my aesthetic, so I'll leave it. Definitely handmade! And it's so satisfying to use up all those little scraps.

I'll probably send this as a birthday card. I meant to make an annual birthday card 'edition' (a la disdressed) at the beginning of the year to send out as each birthday rolled around. But I never got around to it, and I've been making them piecemeal throughout the year (with the result that some people never even got a card-- sorry Dad!) So it's always good to add to the 'ready' card pile.

Here's another card, more my usual style, that I sent to a cousin last week. I love working with cut paper on cards. The challenge of making things look iconic and recognizable (and not killing myself with the exacto knife) is always fun. But it's very time-consuming. I'll have to do more work with my Gocco to learn to achieve the kind of detail that I like in a card.

I hope everyone has a great weekend-- see you on Monday.

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