Thursday, January 9, 2014

9 January 2014

G, over breakfast: Mama?  Maybe you can be the girl I'm going to marry.  Then it could be you and me forever and ever.  All. Alone.

H: Hey! Mama's already married!  You can't change the people you're married to.

L: That's right, Mama is married to Papa, but you may find someone special to marry when you get older.  And you can stay with us as long as you want.  We have lots of good years left before you grow up.  And I'll always love you.

G: And we can play games!

. . .

Our favorite family game right now is HedBanz.  So nice for pre-readers.  And hilarious:

L: Now, G, don't tell Henry what's on his headband.  He's trying to guess.

G: Okay.

(Two minutes later.  The excitement builds.)

H: Am I a food?

B&L: Yes

H: Am I an apple? A pear? A banana?

B&L: No, no, no.

G:  YOU'RE A CHEESE! A CHEESE! A CHEESE! (Huge, triumphant smile and maniacal laughter. Repeat, on almost every turn.)

Same idea, but way more wonderful fun than a drunken college game of Indian.