Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Postage stamp runner

So after the fun that I had with the last table runner, I decided that we could use another one for year-round use.

I also decided to let myself off the hook on all those postage stamp blocks that I was making. Those suckers are way too much work to make a whole quilt out of them-- my congratulations to those who have managed to do it! Luckily, the fourteen blocks that I had finished already went together very nicely as a long-ish table runner. The whole thing with borders came out to about 20" by 55". This runner also gave me another chance to practice my continuous machine quilting. I got to use some variegated King Tut quilting thread that Santa put in my stocking. I think it's color 918, Joseph's Coat. I really love the effect-- and this thing came out of the dryer seriously crinkly and nice.

It feels so good to have such a nice end product, but it also feels good to let go of the (self-imposed) expectation that I had to make the whole quilt. More photos on Flickr.


The Calico Cat said...

What size are the squares?

Louise said...

The squares are 1 inch, and the borders 3 inches wide. So I guess there are almost 700 squares. Thanks for looking!

Anina said...

I just read your comment on my blog and it led me here. I love your blog. Adding it to my subscriptions.
Did you strip piece those?

Louise said...

Anina, I love your blog, too!

Unfortunately, I didn't strip piece these (I wish I had-- would have been a lot less trouble!), as I was considering making a whole quilt from the tiny scraps that I have left over from other things. So these were pieced from 1.5" squares in blocks of seven squares by seven. As I wrote above-- too much work!