Friday, March 21, 2008


There are few things prettier than the stark beauty of spring. The new colors and clean lines. The white-trunked sycamores really shine now, before they've got their new leaves. This photo was taken in February, but things look pretty much the same in that field, maybe slightly greener.

As we rode today the wind was like another character in our story. It sounded just like a car coming down the road, and it wouldn't let me be alone.
These tiny tiny crocus-type flowers are popping up on the protected side of one of the barnyard trees. It's hard to overstate how small these are. The flowers are less than half an inch in diameter. The even tinier blue flowers in the grass that were open to the sun last week are now closed tightly to the wind. And we wait for the warm still summer. Happy Easter (and Equinox) everyone!

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