Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quilty Saturday

This morning, the puppy jumped in a mud puddle and temporarily rendered himself grey, head-to-toe. I wish I had had a camera. Then he jumped into the lake to 'wash himself off'. It must finally be spring, because the lake water's warming up and beginning to produce algae, which makes certain puppies smell like swamp. If he'd stayed muddy at least he'd have just smelled like dirt. There's been a lot of quilting going on this weekend. Last night I had my first go with the Bernina free-motion quilting foot (#29) for my older-model machine. I quilted this blue and almost-white block that I made back in the winter of 2003 when I was so bored at night after work that I decided to make every star block in my 1000 Great Quilt Blocks book. (Lots of those blocks had to be modified to take out extraneous seams, by the way.)

It occurred to me just as I wrote that sentence that the whole Dear Jane quilt is a little like my quest to make all the stars. One of each, hundreds of tiny little blocks. That said, here are a couple more. These are the ones that were up this week for Anina's Dear Baby Jane quilt-along.
D-13 Field of Dreams: Pretty straightforward.
A-7 Dad's Plaids: I still suck at the applique, but I guess I'm getting better. Also love how this one doesn't even line up. I guess it will be *another* humility block for this quilt.


Anina said...

I think your blocks are just lovely. The original quilt is not perfect either. That's what makes each one unique.

Louise said...

Thanks, Anina. I do love looking at a quilt to see how each block is imperfect/human. It's just so easy to be frustrated after I've spent so long on just one block! But thanks for the encouragement.

Gina said...

Thank you for saying your applique sucks. Mine sucks worse. Every time there is a comment on the dear baby jane blog about trying to make your stitches not show, I think it is directed to me because mine is so bad. Your is much much better than mine. Also, I think your blocks look great together.

Anonymous said...

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