Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Work Day

Do you ever have days where there's so much to do that you'll never finish it all, but somehow you're still calm and collected and things move steadily forward, one task accomplished after another? Today is one of those days for me. There's a certain rhythm going, of preparations, housework and making, and I'm so grateful that this day is lilting along.

On another note, I love this super-saturated photo of bridles hanging in the tack room. Some of the preparations that I'm making these days are for the foxhunting season, which began (with cubbing) on Labor Day. My horse and I will probably go out for the first time next Thursday, for a 7 am meet in the fog, and I thought I'd do a little foxhunting feature on Fridays starting next week. There aren't enough blogs out there about horses and riding-- probably because the actual riding takes so blame long. Anyway, I hope I don't bore any non-riding readers with my little hunt season diversion.

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