Thursday, September 6, 2007

G-2 Mohawk Trail

A busy day today, so just a Dear Jane block. This one was kind of tough-- so many little pieces and not really my style. Doesn't it just look like a couple of fortune cookies back to back.

The fabric has a story behind it, though. In high school, some members of our Key Club went to the state-wide convention. We were supposed to have some kind of uniting piece of clothing, and so my mom dutifully made about eleventy-billion bucket hats for us. This was the fabric on one side of my (reversible) hat. The other side was a green plaid that all the hats shared.

I love the little dandelion puff-balls here, and it was fun remembering us all in those hats as I cut out the pieces for this block from a piece of fabric with an oval missing where Mom had cut out the crown of my hat. It was kind of sad seeing this fabric again, too, because it also reminds me of our Key Club advisor, a very young teacher who had become a friend. A couple of years ago, she died suddenly. We hadn't been in touch for quite some time, but it was a very sad thing. Funny how a fabric can make you feel both happy and sad, just sitting there on the ironing board. Maybe I'm too sentimental.

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