Monday, September 17, 2007

Two-day Tote

Fall has really come to Virginia, and so I wanted to make a new bag out of some tweed that I've had sitting around in my stash for far too long. This is the Lotta Jansdotter All Day Tote pattern from Simple Sewing. Aside from the slippery nature of the fabric, this tote came together pretty easily over a couple of evenings' worth of light sewing. The side media pocket is a really good idea, and a fun way to show off your interests (shown here with an issue of Hobby Farms magazine all about pack goats-- can you imagine? But oh, how I'd love to have a hobby farm all my own someday, and some regular goats. No packing required.)

And here's the charming interior fabric. Sweet deer twill and a scrap of Amy Butler lotus. I'm saving the rest of the deer twill for some fall jumpers or overalls for little ones someday-- isn't it cute?

I had it in my head to write a whole post today about tweed, and why I love it so, but this chatty post is all that will come out of my brain this afternoon, so sorry. (I guess the one about tweed would have been pretty mindless, too, but at least it might have required some actual thought.) Until tomorrow and another poetry Tuesday.

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