Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Knitting catch-up: Antler and Moss cardigan

Sooo, I have many many knitting projects that were never documented here.  Starting with this Antler and Moss cardigan I made almost a year ago.  I got to test-knit, and was so excited to do so.  (Look how teeny H looks!)  I really loved this pattern-- the knitting was so relaxing and yet it came out beautifully.  It was a joy to make.  I used a Virginia yarn, and knit it extra-densely so that he was able to wear it a little like a jacket.

Two issues in post-production, as it were:  1) Those pewter buttons were just too inviting to little teeth, and H ended up chewing all but two of them off; and 2) Now that I look at it in comparison to some others' projects, I think I somehow made the "antlers" upside-down.  Ah, well, lovely knit.  I only wish I had made the sleeves and body longer so he could still wear it this year.  Ravelry notes.

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