Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goodbye house

We loved our little brick house in Arlington.  When we left for the last time, I wanted to mark the occasion a little.  I made a banner, and we all told our favorite things about the house.  Then, before sitting down for a special "Goodbye house" dinner, we all sat in the grass in the front yard and made sketches of the house.  Papa and G worked on the same piece.  H's drawing is below.  From the stone walk and the smoke coming out of the chimney, to the actual semi-correctness of the rendering, I think it's wonderful.  

H is really on a huge drawing kick.  He fills pages and pages each night during our after-dinner music and art time, and there are still intricate stories to go along with each picture.  I hope I can keep him interested as the years fly by.

We will miss our sweet little first home, the place we brought our babies home, but I will always have the memory of watching my family sit on the lawn, drawing together.

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