Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Sandy

As the storm was gearing up, we saw white egrets walking across our lawn, hunched into their bodies against the wind.  The light was definitely hurricane light, gold but dark.  There was a bit of anxiousness on my part-- I hate it when I know something is going to happen, but not when it will happen.  In the end, the winds were fierce, but we didn't get that much rain, and the whole thing had passed by the time we woke up Tuesday morning.

We were only without power for six and a half days.  I spent much of the time looking for light: firewood, batteries, flashlights and candles, and (strangely) my iPad.  My husband spent much of his time keeping us warm, setting fires and tending them.  It's no surprise that all of my photos from that week are of different fires.

I loved sitting with my children and watching the flames, and I even mostly loved having them camp out on their mattresses in our room.  Everything felt very slow and comfortable until my husband had to go away on business and it got cold, both on the same day.  And then the kids and I skipped town, headed south to Virginia.  Of course, four hours into the five hour drive the neighbors called to say that the power had been restored.  Sigh.  I know we had it easy, compared to those who were severely affected in the city and in New Jersey.  I am grateful, and I think of those folks often.  But I will remember Sandy as a dark and quiet time with some warm points of light.

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