Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ottobre camp shirt

 H has a new shirt.  He wanted to model it with the "bonnet" he made for his preschool's spring hat parade.  This is the "Little Fella" shirt from Ottobre issue 3/2009.  It's my first fully-fashioned button-down.  I did get lazy at the end and employ my snap press instead of the buttonhole foot, but he likes to rip it open Incredible Hulk-style, so that turned out to be a win.  The fabric is tiny trees and car campers from the Beach Mod line by Birch Fabrics.

I had a little trouble with the collar, and had to guess my way through on that a little, but I think the little details, like the bias tape-covered collar seam, are ace.  I also forgot to add seam allowances when I cut this out since I've also been busy lately sewing from big four patterns for myself.  So it turned out to be slightly smaller than I'd hoped.  All in, definitely a learning experience.  He chooses it often, though, so that makes me happy.

I have cut out another button-down style for H, the "Henry" shirt from Sewing for Boys (in some nice Kokka airplanes, no less).  Maybe I'll get that one sewn together before the end of the summer.

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