Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wild Wednesday

I used to write here about my foxhunting adventures, but now, with my horse gone and the two little ones, there's not any foxhunting going on. But there is still country time. Every Wednesday, we pack up and head out and spend a couple of hours meandering, rain or shine, usually along the old trails where I used to ride (and where H reminds me, we will ride again). I'd like to document some of our trips because they are just so magical.

Yesterday we walked the happy hack, and H pretended to be a "putt-a putt-a Jeep" for most of the walk up the hill. We walked through the old dairy barn and then he was a cow, interested in all the old farm equipment we passed, balers and rakes overcome with weeds and Russian olive. G alternated between sucking his thumb, leaning against me in the carrier and pointing at vultures and hawks, throwing his head back and laughing at our good fortune to be alive.

Joan, a whip from Loudoun West, came through as we were going down the back side to the creek. We heard the horn and hound voices and one hound came to visit us at the creek before heading back to the pack, which we saw waaay on the other side of the farm while we were on top of the mountain. The cows had heard the horn, too, and they all gathered around the creek just where we had to cross. This was probably G's favorite part, walking through those cows and squealing at the babies running back to the others.

When we got to the creek, H wanted to go "waiting" and so we all did, up to the tops of our boots. G wore his new rain boots and was so excited to stomp his feet around. H fell in and cried, but then the moment he was safely on the bank, he wanted to go wading again, "just a lil bit more, Mama". On the way back to the gate, H found two big feathers near the burn pile and then he was a bird, with the wind in his feathers. He told me the wind would help him fly. So sweet.

This entry is really just for me, to help me remember these days, and of course I've left out the minor squabbles that happened along the way. I may end up password protecting these entries in the future, since I doubt they're interesting to anyone but me and maybe close family. On to Thursday.

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