Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We're still alive! Baby and I are surviving our first weeks home alone and trying to establish a routine (for example, the "routine" morning nap for both Mama and baby, with baby's head nestled softly under my chin as he sleeps on my chest).

Standards have been lowered slightly (This morning, I was eating a blueberry waffle that I made and froze in the first weeks of H's life when he was sleeping a lot. Since the child wants to be held constantly, he was in the Baby Bjorn, riding high on my chest. A droplet of syrup fell on his tiny, downy head and I licked it off without a second thought.), but we're enjoying each other.

I have been missing my crafting time, however. I've been dreaming up elaborate quilts in my head, quilts that I probably won't have time for in the next eighteen years. And although the dreaming is fun, I'd love to get my hands on some actual fabric someday soon. I'm trying to institute the solo afternoon nap, for baby only. In the meantime, there are two crafty products in the photo above. The heart onesie is probably the only thing I've finished since H was born. I whipped it up in about seven minutes on Valentine's Day as H's (and my) gift to his papa. Yay for scraps of quilting fabric and interfacing!

The crumb quilt that the baby's lying on is another story. I finished the piecing and quilting several weeks before he was to be born, but since he surprised us and came almost three weeks early, there's no binding. Luckily, in this view you can't tell. More about that little quilt when it finally has some edges-- maybe in three years?


kate said...

Oh my word, he is so gorgeous!

I have also licked food off the heads of my babies...ice cream, mustard once from a hotdog...I see nothing wrong with that!

And you will have crafty time again. Once baby's routine is more established you'll find you have enough time to be creative again. I actually knit tons of stuff when I only had one baby. Now, with a 4 y.o. AND a baby? That's another story! :)

amandajean said...

he is SO CUTE!!! i love the quilt, too...binding or no binding! :) once you get into a routine, things will get better. i have 3 kids and there is still time to quilt. it's essential for everyone. hee hee