Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Dear Jane

Two new Dear Jane blocks this week. Both blocks came about when I needed to zone out on piecework. Those foundation papers make this so easy to do, and so relaxing. First is L-5 Chattanooga Charlie, another batik block. This block was meant to be brown, but I like the additional color and movement that the wilder batik adds. I'm getting a little sick of all the brown blocks, and my stash is running a little thin.
And this is M-11, Rickshaw. There was a little more lining up to do in this block, which as you can see wasn't as successful as it could have been. But I still like the finished product. This is one of the first fabrics I bought on my own as a quilter, in 2001. I find it kind of somber now.


RobinE said...

Lovely blocks! I like the little touches of other colors in the brown block-- very pretty. Sometimes I really wonder how certain things got into my stash... but then it is definitely true that my tastes have changed since I started quilting 12 years ago.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Love the blocks, are they 6"? When I look at my fabric, I'm always surprised at how brown I have. I would never say brown is my favorite color, but I must be drawn to it for some reason.

Loved the Brunswick stew story too. :)

Have you ever seen a paper piecing pattern for Farmers Delight or Farmers Fancy like the quilts in the Quilts of West Virginia. I'm not sure if that is really the name of the book, I with summer in full swing, I don't think I could even lay my hands on it.

Anina said...

Ooh, Chattanooga Charlie! I may have to "randomly" pick that one soon.

Anonymous said...

I really like the look that the batik gives. It makes me want to experiment more with batiks.