Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another girly baby quilt

So. This quilt is for a friend who's a little more girly than the one for whom I made the first "girl" baby quilt. Pinwheels instead of hourglasses, and all pinks and grays. This one was kind of hard to give away, it turned out so well. But I could make another if I really wanted to; all the fabrics are still in the stash. The quilt is still smaller than the "standard" baby quilt size, but I like them that way-- they can be used as a play mat or drag-along as well as for the wrapping-up in the first few weeks and months. BQ (before quilting) it was 36" by 41", and I forgot to measure after. I was rushing to get it completed for my friend's baby shower today, where it was received very warmly.
A few cobwebs have been forming around the blog here lately. I think summer is getting in the way. Back soon, hopefully!


amandajean said...

oh, Louise! that is a beautiful quilt. I don't think I would have been able to part with it. you did a fantastic job! what size are the pinwheels?

Louise said...

Thanks, AmandaJean! The blocks are about 5" finished. It came out just a hair too small so I had to add the 3" borders on all sides to make it a little bigger. I hope my friend will actually use it. She seemed a little surprised when I suggested that she could machine wash and dry it!

kate said...

That is a STUNNING baby quilt. Actually, I think it is quite sophisticated and I'd hang it in my home! Any mom would be thrilled to wrap such a pretty quilt around their baby girl. Great job!