Tuesday, April 8, 2008

... And Spring and the electric company

Last week Shari wrote about her scattered thoughts being like a grassy field scattered with cows. This week I feel the same way. Only my field of cow-thoughts feels stalked by the turkey vultures that always hang around during the spring calving season. Too much on my mind. Including this beautiful dark and wet spring and yes, the electric company. Sigh. I hope to be back later today with a big crafting update, as I have been busy, just not blogging.

Until then, I love how the forsythia above actually do coordinate with the electric company's yellow ID numbers on the springy-wet grey pole. Don't forsythia always seem to just explode in the spring from nothing? They get cut down so low and twiggy and then surprise! One day they're back full-force. So suddenly that this pair of plants always surprises the horses terribly, even though they go by this spot at least once a day. Just walking along, and then spook! What is that new thing?

And below, the view from atop.
Oh, and remember the new speed limit sign from last week? Looks like that may have been stolen from another location and put on the dirt road by a neighbor. What did that last, a week and a half? I guess people will go back to going at least 35. Again, le sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Such a pretty view. Glad the real estate market has slowed some or your part of the county would be all houses like everything else up there.